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Are you looking for the UCTH School of Nursing past questions and answers? Search no more, we have the solution to your problem. We now have the real and up to date University of Calabar Teaching Hospital School of Nursing past question papers.

UCTH School School of Nursing Past Questions

The UCTH School of Nursing is fast approaching and you need to prepared or it. When it comes to preparing for examination like this, all you need to focus on are past questions because most questions likely reappear. Aside questions reappearing, there are other benefits you get from past question papers which will aid you in passing the forthcoming exams.

The past question paper will help you understand the nature and how the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital School of Nursing entrance examination looks like and wont leave you stranded in the exams hall because you already had an idea of what you will be facing. See sample questions below;

Sample Questions

1. His summary of the lecture was brief and to the point.
(A) Careful
(B) Precise
(C) Accurate
(D) Exact
(E) Crucial.

2. Do you have the same aversion as I do home videos?
(A) Bitterness
(B) Dislike
(C) Criticism
(D) Indignation
(E) Preference.

3. I did not think she could be so easily, taken in by his pretence
(A) Flattered
(B) Deceived
(C) Pregnant
(D) Overcome
(E) Blackmailed.

4. The witness was guilty of swearing to a statement he knew to be false.
(A) Forgery
(B) Perjury
(C) Libel
(D) Slander
(E) Affidavit.

5. Most of his observations were wide of the mark.
(A) Comprehensive
(B) Irrelevant
(C) Pertinent
(D) Came rather late
(E) Unaccepted.

6. The clerk refused to answer for the mistakes made by manager and his assistants.
(A) To reply to
(B) To give an answer
(C) To explain
(D) To accept responsibility
(E) To account.

How to Purchase UCTH School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

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