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Passing the TRCN exams has been a tough task for past candidates who failed to recognize the importance of the TRCN past question papers. I mean, how would you possibly think of passing an exams you have not written before without getting the past question papers to see how questions are being set and also the area of concentration?

TRCN Recruitment Screening Test Past Questions and Answers

In the years past, a lot of candidates who got our past question papers has been giving a lot of testimonies. We have compiled the original and up to date Teachers Registration Council Of Nigeria past questions and also answer all the questions with the correct answers. The past question paper will be of great assistance to you in the long run because most questions contained in here are always repeated either directly or rephrased. It will also help you to understand the nature of the exams and which angle questions are brought from. See sample Questions below;

Sample Questions 

1. A university teacher is an
(a) Academic
(b) academics
(c) academician
(d) academia

2. The adventurers ran into many ……….. in the forest
(a) Dear
(b) dears
(c) deers
(d) deer

3. The argument between the tow neighbous degenerated into
(a) A free-for all
(b) a free for all fight
(c) a flee for all
(d) a free fight

4. The class more girls than boys this session
(a) Comprise of
(b) comprises of
(c) comprise
(d) comprises

5. The tourist bought
(a) A brown, small, Nigerian earthen pot
(b) a small, brown Nigerian earthen pot
(c) an earthen, brown, small Nigerian pot
(d) a Nigerian small brown earthen

6. I have already the picture on the sitting-room wall
(a) Hanged
(b) hunged
(c) hang
(d) hung

7. Most of us will attend the conference at Ibadan later this year
(a) Holding
(b) held
(c) being held
(d) to hold

How to Purchase TRCN Exams Past Questions and Answers

Price: Two Thousand Naira Only (N2,000)
Make a payment of N2000 to the account below;

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After making payment, send the following to the admin on WhatsApp via 09063113533 or SMS.

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  • Name of Past Question

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