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The Life Changer Chapter 2 Summary provides you with an overview of what is in chapter 2 of the JAMB novel.

This article is going to give you a complete summary of Chapter 2 of The Life Changer  along with possible questions and answers.

The Life Changer Chapter 2 Summary

Facts About The Life Changer (Jamb 2022 Novel)

It was written by Khadija Abubakar Jalli.

It has 9 Chapters and 79 pages.

It is based on Campus Life.

The story is centered around Salma and Experiences.

The Author studied Mathematics Education and is the CEO of Boutique Afrique.

The Author dedicated the book to her 5 children; Zahra, Najwa, Basma, Sodiq and Farha.

The Storyteller (Ummi) first child was Omar (18 years), the second child was Teemah, the third was Jamila and the last born was Bint (5 years).

The admission gained by Omar was The Life Changer and that’s where the name of the novel is coined.

The novel is full of grammar, especially in Chapter One.

You can finish the Life changer Novel in less than 4 hours.

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The Life Changer Chapter 2 Summary

Ummi tells her children a story of her university experiences 20 years ago when she got admission in to the university. She gained admission to study 20 years ago but she got married to her husband even before her registration. These were the things she talked about in her story.

Ummi discloses the mode of life – freedom and carefree life of students in the university. She also tells how difficult it is to distinguish between students and lecturers as they almost look the same. Ummi further disclosed the dress code for different departments. Law students were mandated to always put on white shirt with black trouser while some girls dressed half-naked.

As Ummi narrated her story, she mentioned her experiences with Salma, a girl involving a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture.

Salma goes for her registration much later than everyone else but expresses dissatisfaction, discomfort and irritation towards the delay in the registration process.

While Salma stands in the queue, the lecturer in charge of the the registration interrogated her. He continuously engaged Salma in an interesting conversation. Salma, in the course of the interrogation criticizes and over generalise her opinions about lecturers. Salma does not only create a similarity between lectures and policemen as personalities that can be bribed, she also displayed her pride by telling the young man about her ability to win the lecturer’s favour by just giving him as low as two or three thousand naira (2k or 3k). Salma also added that, if you are a boy the lecturers ask you for money, and if you are a girl they ask you for a date. She described the lecturers as bad as that.

In this arrogance of Salma, she does not know that that the young man who interrogates her is the lecturer in charge of the registration she came for. This made everyone in the queue to be surprised although she acted in ignorance.

Ummi continuous with to her departmental registration. She is directed to the office Samuel Johnson who is the HOD office of her department. The HOD (Head of Department) exchanges endearing pleasantries with Ummi but she finds the pleasantry rather discomforting. The HOD exchanged pleasantries with her in such manner because he knows Ummi’s husband very well. In fact, he (HOD) had a hand in Ummi’s admission.

Ummi assumes the HOD is trying to make passes at her. Although, the HOD didn’t mean to make passes at her. Ummi manages to accommodate this just to get her matriculation number which is popularly known as reg. Number. Ummi gets her matriculation number but leaves the office angry due to the actions of the HOD. Her matriculation number is UG0001.

Immediately she got home, she told her husband about her experience with Samuel Johnson, her department’s HOD. To her astonishment, her husband and the HOD are very good friends.

The Life Changer Chapter 2 Likely Jamb Questions

The Story of Ummi and university as a life changer.

1. What was Salma’s Physical appearance?

Answer : Salma was a fair complexioned girl, tall, slim and rather busty.

2. What does Selma believe about Lecturers?

Answer : University Lecturers take money from boys and ask girls on a date

3. Why was the HOD close to Ummi

Answer : She knows her husband very well and was even the one who worked her admission.


Note the Following from Chapter Two

1. University students are carefree.

2. You don’t wear uniforms at the university (except law, social works and very few)

3. Ummi Ahmad was the full name of the Story teller

4. According to Salma, If you are a boy they ask you for money, and if you are a girl they ask you for a date.

5. Ummi’s matriculation number was UG0001

6. Never judge a book by it’s cover.

7. The story teller believes you shouldn’t say things you are not asked.

Meaning of Words Used in Chapter 2

1. The young men around were openly ogling —stair, look lustfully

2. …ineptitude of the registration officers — lack of skill or ability..

3. I just find your allegation a trifle sweeping – treat someone in a way that lacks proper respect or seriousness.

4. I found his endearing salutation slightly discomforting – inspiring affection.

5.The kind of things I heard Salma say about university lecturers filled me with foreboding – a feeling that something bad will happen; fearful apprehension.

6.I developed an instant, irrepressible feeling of claustrophobia – an irrational fear of confined spaces.

7.The recalcitrant male would always misbehave irrespective of what the woman wears – having an obstinately uncooperative attitude towards authority or discipline.

8.I could not make head or tail of what he was blabbering about – Could not make of meaning out of it.

9. He was buried in the file before him – he was busy checking the file

10. I was genuinely angry with this surreptitious overture – a secret approach

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