Is JAMB Mock Compulsory For All Candidates

Is it true that anyone who doesn’t write the 2021 Jamb mock exam will not be allowed to write the Jamb main exam? This is the *next question* that requires my attention.

You might have heard one or two persons say that those who refused to take the Jamb mock examination will not be allowed to participate in the Main Jamb UTME.

The simple truth is that you will be 100% allowed to write the Jamb UTME 2021 whether or not you sit for the Jamb utme mock examination. Jamb Mock is Not Compulsory at all. All you need now is to stay calm and prepare for your exams.

Some persons testified that it was written in their slip. They even said that if you indicated your interest and later changed your mind, you will not write the main Jamb exam. However, one thing is sure, the Jamb mock exam is not compulsory, but Optional.

So long the earth remains, whether or not you sit for the Jamb mock exam, your UTME exam 2021 is very sure. Also, Jamb mock doesn’t add to your score in the main Jamb examination; neither does it increase your chance of gaining.

Although Jamb mock is not compulsory, yet it is recommended for you to sit for it. It will make you better prepared for the main exam.

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