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Obi Cubana has compensated a road seller Ekuma Jeremiah who turned into a web sensation for giving cash to detainees regardless of not having a lot
Jeremiah the road vendor, while giving purposes behind his consideration said: “I gave the detainees cash out of pity, Though I am exceptionally poor and sell unadulterated water, I actually have my Freedom, I can eat anything I desire to eat and go anyplace I need to go, yet the detainees don’t have that opportunity.”

Obi Cubana while responding to the kid’s demonstration in a meeting with Daddy Freez, said the kid should be compensated.

“I’m offering him a lifetime opportunity, he needs to go to class I imagine that is his aspiration.

“I will see him through the college and to do Masters abroad , I will ensure he is agreeable while going to class since like I said before, that is everything we can manage for him.

“He will do University, anything he needs and afterward by God’s effortlessness I realize I will in any case be remaining when he is finished with school, he has a spot in any of my associations at the high level and assuming by God’s elegance he observes a higher calling, you see there isn’t anything attached to this, I anticipate nothing consequently.

“I’m not giving any conditions for this however on the off chance that he decides not to return to school we can now hear how he needs to treat then we own him.

“The main thing is to realize that he has in me a tutor, he has in me a day to day existence guide in me. I will make it simple for him through God so I accept that God will give me wellbeing and strength.

“The person will go to any University of his decision in great condition not simply to pay school expenses. He shows at least a bit of kindness of gold. This is the sort of individuals we really want.

“I ask that individuals will really do eye administration to get my consideration, let them do something like this, in doing that you don’t have any idea when you become accustomed to it the world improves as a spot.”

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By Al-Hassan

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