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PHY 103 (Introductory Optics, Waves and Sound)

Course Outline and Schedule

Elements of Geometric optics: Ray optics reflection by plane mirrors, spherical mirrors, refraction at plane

surface, refraction through thin lenses, defects of lenses and correction, optical instruments.

Elementary treatment of wave properties: Propagation, Interference, Diffraction, Polarization, Wave

motion- transverse and longitudinal, Forced vibrations, Resonance, Beats.

Sound: Motion at supersonic speeds, Intensity of sound, the resonance tube, frequency response of the ear,

high fidelity. Ultrasonic, Simple harmonic motion, Photoelectric effects, spectroscopy and atomic physics,

Continuous and line emission, Absorption spectra, X-rays, Wave mechanics-qualitative treatment of the

wave particle duality. The atomic nucleus and radioactivity.

PHY 103 (Introductory Optics, Waves and Sound)


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LN_PHY103_Introductory Optics, Waves and Sound


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