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With the Paed AppĀ  you can sell your digital currencies with just a move? We are in a age of technological advancement, where everything is within reach at just the snap of your fingers. currency exchange has become a global trade that is viable and almost everyone engages in it. With this wide audience within reach, it is then important to move with speed in order to create an avenue where this trade will be done with ease. How do we come in here? Most people who sells and exchange currencies do not have a trustworthy platform and this have increase the several risk to the trade. They always seek to connect with people who knows someone that they can trust. And most times, they end up becoming victims of fraudulent dealers. Nevertheless, this is our mainstream.
With the foreknowledge that there is a problem, there is also a need for this problem to be solved. This is how we come to light! Here’s a golden opportunity that is accessible, viable, reliable and trustworthy. The PAED Bitcoin Exchange App helps you to transact with any of the currencies you wish to sell either Bitcoin, PayPal, giftcards, or any crypto currency transaction you want to engage in with EASE. We also offer amazing prices that keeps you coming back. We also assure you of a hitch free transaction.
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Regulation and safety is one of its spectacular uniqueness. Every one wants to feel safe and relaxed without any iota of doubts when making transactions. We offer you a safe haven where you carry out your exchange while adhering to rules and regulations of the digital market.


User- friendliness is an important aspect our team has put into consideration. The app is easy to use. As a newbie, you might get stock with several questions on how to trade

and where to trade?. You do not need to worry about that anymore. All this confusions becomes a mirage when you have the PAED app .It just with one click and you would flow like every other experienced trader. Nevertheless, if you are not new to the trade, you would also get to see the app as a must have in your line of business.


Another feature of the app is its fees and commission. Our prices compete with other prices in the exchange market. We follow the standard rate of exchange.

Furthermore, the PAED Bitcoin Exchange App is equally compatible with not just Android devices, but other devices also. This allows you to have the opportunity of accessing a huge number of markets. However, it also offers some of the highly competitive fees in the market. Also, you can trade from the US as long as you are ready to get paid in Naira.
This covers all accepted and supported methods of payment which includes debit and credit cards, bank wires and E-wallet. All these are professionally managed to give you the best online digital trade platform. How do I get this app? It is available on Playstore for easy download. We are looking forward to trading with you!

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