Oyo State School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers – PDF Download

Did you know that all you need to pass the forthcoming Oyo State School of Nursing entrance examination is the past question papers? Let’s us tell you how to pass the entrance examination without much stress.

Oyo State School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

Passing the Oyo State School of Nursing entrance examination has not been easy for a lot of candidates in the past because they failed to recognize the importance of the Oyo State School of Nursing past question papers. The past question papers is a very powerful tool for passing the screening test.

The past question paper contains series of questions gotten from past Oyo State School of Nursing entrance examination. We have taken time to compile questions which repeated for at least 3 years. Most of the questions contained on the past question paper may likely resurface in the entrance examination you are about writing. It will also reveal how the Oyo State School of Nursing set their exams. See sample questions below;

Sample Questions

1. A tuber of cassava can be processed into powder. This explains the fact that
(a) matter can spontaneously from one state to another
(b) matter cannot be destroyed
(c) force is required to change matter from one stare to another
(d) matter is made up of tiny particles

2. A pieces of metal of relative density 5.0 weight 60N in air. Calculate its weight when fully immersed in water
(a) 4N
(b) 5N
(c) 48N
(d) 60N

3. A net force of 15N acts upon a body mass 3Kg for 5s, calculate the changes in the speed of the body
(a) 250ms-1
(b) 9.0ms-1
(c) 2.5ms-1
(d) 2.0ms-1

4. The tendency of a body to remain at rest when a force is applied to it is called
(a) impulse
(b) momentum
(c) inertia
(d) friction

5. Which of the following statement correctly defines a simple machine
(a) a device that can provide electric current
(b) which can only carry people from one place to another
(c) with which work can be done easily
(d) which changes the state of rest or of uniform motion of an object along a straight line

6. The heat capacity of a calorimeter is the amount of energy required to
(a) change the temperature for 1 kg of the calorimeter by 1 K
(b) change 1Kg mass of the calorimeter to liquid at the same temperature
(c) change the temperature of the calorimeter by IK
(d) melt the calorimeter into liquid at a constant temperature

7. Which of the following statement about latent heat of vaporization is correct , it
(a) weaken the adhesive forces between molecules of a liquid and those of its container
(b) weak completely the force of attraction between the molecules of a liquid
(c) adds to the heat content of a liquid
(d) increases the cohesive forces between liquid molecules

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