Are you among the many candidates that will be siting for the NNPC job aptitude test? Why not get the past question papers and prepare intensively for the exams. Right here on this page, we are going to be talking about the importance of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation past question papers and how to place an order.

NNPC Screening Exams Past Questions

It is obvious that you want to pass this examination. But, do you have what it takes to make it in the final list? I hop you know that candidates who pass the screening test well are the ones that will be finally shortlisted for the job?.

To pass this tough exams, you need to get the past question papers and study them intensively. I believe this is the first time you will be writing this exams. The past question papers you are about to buy will serve as a study guide for you, it will reveal what the exam actually looks like and some questions may be repeated. See sample questions contained in the past question papers below;

Sample Questions

1. Under which of the following conditions can a Nigerian be deprived of his or her citizenship?
A) If married to a foreign national
B) If one holds a dual citizenship
C) If convicted of armed robbery
D) If one buses the National flag

2. All but one of these is not a tactic adopted by pressure groups in the pursuit of their objectives
A) Lobbying
B) Propaganda
C) Assault
D) Boycott

3. One of these was in existence before the outbreak of the second world war
A) the commonwealth of nations
B) the UNO
C) the OAU
D) the League of Nations

4. In a federal system
A) the centre is weak
B) there is unity in diversity
C) plurality is abnormal
D) there is nothing like autonomous units

5. “Rule of Law” refers to a situation in which
A) lawyers are the rulers
B) the judiciary is independent
C) laws are supreme
D) parliament makes laws

6. According to Karl Marx, the mode of production that precedes capitalism is
A) communalism
B) socialism
C) feudalism
D) mercantilism

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