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Passing the Nigerian Prisons Service exams has been a tough task for past candidates who failed to recognize the importance of the Nigerian Prisons Service past question papers. I mean, how would you possibly think of passing an exams you have not written before without getting the past question papers to see how questions are being set and also the area of concentration?

NPF Recruitment Screening Test Past Questions and Answers

In the years past, a lot of candidates who got our past question papers has been giving a lot of testimonies. We have compiled the original and up to date NPF past questions and also answer all the questions with the correct answers. The past question paper will be of great assistance to you in the long run because most questions contained in here are always repeated either directly or rephrased. It will also help you to understand the nature of the exams and which angle questions are brought from. See sample Questions below;

Sample Questions 

1. The African extended family system gives security to……members.
A. his
B. her
C. its
D. their

2. I know I …….read more but am tired.
A. may
B. ought to
C. would
D. could

3. Insects can become………to insecticides
A. immunized
B. resistant
C. reticent
D. immobilize

4. After the detention of a person, a security guard can lawfully search the person under the following scenarios?
A. When there is a perceived or actual element of danger, or when the search is directly linked to the reason for the arrest/ detention.
B. When the security guard has probable or reasonable grounds to believe that the person has a concealed weapon.
C. A security guard can never conduct a thorough search of a person under any circumstance.
D. When the search is expected to produce evidence to a criminal offence.

5. As a security guard, what do you understand about the term “Pi ggybacking”?
A. Piggybacking refers to when an unathorized person tags along with an authorized person to gain entry into a restricted area
B. A practice used by truckers to smuggle contraband products along with live animals
C. Riding on the shoulders of another person in shopping malls, which can cause body injury or property damage
D. Holding the door open for women and invalid persons

6. As a Security guard what is the purpose for Patrol?
A. When securing isolated locations, if a security guard is in danger, petrol can be used to create a signalling fire to call for help from the police
B. Petrol (gasoline) is an essential item to be stored and made available as and when needed. Otherwise in emergency situations you can run out of gas
C. Petrol (gasoline) is a highly combustible liquid. As a security guard one should watch out for criminals planning attacks using petroleum products
D. Foot patrol is often a major part of a security guard’s duties. It will help to discover suspicious activities or situations and will help to prevent them.

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