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Do you want to download the Nigeria Police Force screening exams past question papers? You are in the right place. We now have the up to date NPF past question papers which you can easily download into your phone or computer after you have successfully placed your order.

Nigeria Police Past Questions and Answers

The NPF past question is served in a pdf file which can be accessible on your smart phone or laptop computer. The past question is a compilation of past years recruitment screening test questions. We have taken time to scrape out questions has been repeated at least 3 times. The NPF screening test past question papers is the only study pack you need to pass the forthcoming exams. See sample questions below;

Sample Questions 

1. Democracy was first practiced in
A) Greece
B) Ghana
C) Britain
D) United States of America

2. The Economic Community of West African States was established in
A) May 1966
B) May 1975
C) May 1963
D) May 1996

3. Free education was introduced in West region by which of these premiers?
A) Chief S.L. Akintola
B) Chief Michael Adekunle Ajasin
C) Chief Obafemi Awolowo
D) Chief Bola Ige

4. The government of one of the following countries operates an unwritten constitution
A) The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
B) The United Kingdom
C) The United States
D) Post-Apartheid South Africa

5. Which of these was the main organ of the defunct OAU?
A) The Assembly of Heads of State and Government
B) The Council of Ministers
C) The Liberation Committee
D) The Commission for Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration

6. A Nigerian who has been the secretary of the Commonwealth of Nations organization is
A) Dr. Ibrahim Gambiri
B) Chief Jaja Nwachukwu
C) Chief Emeka Anyaoku
D) Professor Adebayo Adedeji

How to Purchase Nigeria Police Force Past Questions and Answers

Price: Two Thousand Naira Only 
Make a payment of N2000 to the account below;

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank
Account Name:
 Nsisong Ene
Account Number: 0258731722


After making payment, send the following to the admin on WhatsApp via 09063113533 or SMS.

  • Depositor’s name
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  • Name of Past Question

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