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Are you among the many Nigerians who will be writing the Nigeria Immigration Service screening test pretty soon? Why not get the NIS past question papers which will help you prepare for the great task ahead?

Nigeria Immigration Past Questions and Answers

Nigeria Immigration Service has announced that they’ll be conducting a screening test for all applicants who have been pre-selected to help them choose the candidates suitable for the job positions. Do you know that your success in this recruitment depends on how well you pass the screening test? Candidates who pass the screening test well are those that will be finally shortlisted for the job.

To help you make it through the struggle, we have compiled the original and up to date NIS past questions papers to aid your reading. All you need to pass the screening test is the past question paper because it will reveal what the exam looks like and also signal you on the area of concentration. You can see some sample questions below;

Sample Questions

1. The building………because of weak structural foundation.
A. tumbled
B. succumbed
C. somersaulted
D. collapsed
E. colapsed

2. Since the write did not indicate his name, the editor decided not to publish such
A. a discourteous
B. an anonymous
C. a cowardly
D. a libelous
E. unfriendly

3. He was charged with complicity ………..the abortive coup.
A. in
B. for
C. about
D. on
E. with

4. …………of what he said made no sense
A. much
B. majority
C. plenty
D. many
E. much

5. …………things she had in the room were thrown out.
A. so few
B. the few
C. all few
D. very few
E. a few

In each of questions, choose the words(s) or phrase(s) which best fills the gap(s)

6. The sea wave continue to ……..the cliff on the West Coast constantly.
A. impair
B. rub
C. knock
D. erode

How to Purchase NIS Exams Past Questions and Answers

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