NCDMB Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

Are you among the many candidates who are about to write the NCDMB recruitment exams? You can now download the full and up to date Nigerian Content Development & Monitoring Board past question papers from

The past question so far has helped many candidates in the past as it reveals how questions are set in the exams and also reveal likely questions that may resurface in the forthcoming examination. See sample questions contained below;

Sample Questions

1. A trader sold a pair of shoes for C 2,800.00 making a loss of 20% on his cost price. Find his loss as a percentage of his selling price.
(a) 162/3%
(b) 2%
(c) 25%
(d) 75%

2. An article bought for D5,000.00 depreciate by 15% of its value during the first year. Find its value after a year.
(a) D425.00
(b) D750.00
(c) D4,250.00
(d) D4,985.00

3. A house bought for N100,000 was later auctioned for N80,000, Find the loss percent.
(a) 20%
(b) 30%
(c) 40%
(d) 50%

4. The side of a square is increased from 20cm to 21cm. Calculate the percentage increase in its area
(a) 2.5%
(b) 9.3%
(c) 10.0%
(d) 10.25%

5. A man bought 2220 mangoes at N5x. He sold each for 3x kobo and made gain of N8. Find the value of x.
(a) 2
(b) 5
(c) 6
(d) 10

6. A car moves at an average speed of 30kmh-1, how long does it take to cover 200 metres?
(a) 2.4sec
(b) 24sec
(c) 144sec
(d) 240sec

7. A man bought a television set on hire purchase for N25, 000 out of which he paid N10, 0. If he is allowed to pay the balance in eight equal installments, find the value of each installment
(a) N1250
(b) N1578
(c) N1875
(d) N3125

8. If the simple interest on N2, 000 after 9 months is N6, at what rate per annum is the interest charged?
(a) 21/4%
(b) 4%
(c) 5%
(d) 6%

Subjects Contained

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • History/Current Affairs
  • General Knowledge
  • Basic Oil and Gas Knowledge
  • Information Technology

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