NAFDAC Exams Past Questions and Answers – PDF Download | National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control up to date past question papers are now available for purchase.

NAFDAC Exams Past Questions and Answers

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control up to date past question papers is a compilation of past questions gotten from NAFDAC recruitment screening test. It has been announced that NAFDAC will be conducting a screening test for all shortlisted candidates and candidates who perform well will be the ones that will be shortlisted in the final list of successful candidates.

Do you wish to pass the NAFDAC screening test with flying colours? Get the past question papers and study them in preparation for the forthcoming exams. See sample questions below;

1. All but one of the following is not a symbol of political culture
A) The government
B) An anthem
C) A national flag
D) The constitution

2. In politics, power is all of the following EXCEPT
A) Ability to make people do things they otherwise will not do
B) Capacity to affect the actions of others
C) An object
D) It is part of a relationship

3. One of the destructive features of a democracy is that it
A) is not associated with one party state
B) connotes civil rule
C) facilitates popular participation
D) provided for a unicameral legislature

4. Which of the following best describes French colonial policy in Africa?
A) policy assimilation
B) policy of casus belli
C) policy of hostility
D) policy of association

5. A political concept that defines the beliefs, attitudes and values of a society is called
A) Referendum
B) Political socialization
C) Political culture
D) Political transformation

6. Nigeria became a republic on
A) May 29, 1999
B) January 1, 1996
C) October 1, 1960
D) October 1, 1963

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