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Mater School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers – PDF Download | Do you wish to purchase the Mater School of Nursing past question papers where you are safe and your money won’t be lost? Follow the information on this page to see how you can successfully place your order.

Mater School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

Are you among the many candidates that about to write the Mater SON entrance examination? You really need to purchase and have a copy of this past question paper. Especially for those who have not written the exams before, you need it more than anyone else.

The past question paper will reveal likely questions that may resurface in the forthcoming exams. Also, it will give you a foresight of how the exams will look like and make you know what to expect. See sample questions below;

Mater School of Nursing Sample Questions

1. Where was traditionally glazed pots first made in Nigeria?
(a) Owo
(b) Oshogbo
(c) Kano
(d) Abuja

2. The work titled Mona Lisa is a painting done by____
(a) Georges Braque
(b) Pablo Picasso
(c) Michelango Buonarroti
(d) Leonardo Da Vinei

3. The theory of separation of power was propounded by____
(a) Jean Paul Satre
(b) Charles Duvalier
(c) Boron Montesquieu
(d) Jacques Chiraque

4. In a____ system of government, the head of government is responsible to be electorate an the constitution
(a) Military
(b) Republican
(c) Federal
(d) Unitary

5. The election of ____ as the executive governor of Anambra state was turned down by the supreme court
(a) Chris Nigige
(b) Chris Uba
(c) Christ Obi
(d) Andy Uba

6. ____ was a very important policy that characterized French colonial administration
(a) Delegation
(b) Discrimination
(c) Assimilation
(d) Integration

7. Franchise mean____
(a) Voting by proxy
(b) mandate to make laws
(c) Voting right
(d) The French voting system

8. The following countries BUT ONE operates written constitution
(a) France
(b) USA
(c) Great Britain
(d) German Democratic

9. Eli, the priest of God in Shiloh died mainly because____
(a) The priesthood would be taken away from his family
(b) The ark of God was captured
(c) The ark of God was destroyed
(d) His two sons were killed

10. The contest on Mount Carmel between Elijah and Baal prophets was organized to___
(a) Show the greatness of God
(b) Prove the supremacy of God
(c) Prove the immorality of God
(d) Show the omnipotence of God.

How to Purchase Mater School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

Price: Two Thousand Naira Only
Make a payment of N2000 to the account below;

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank
Account Name:
 Nsisong Ene
Account Number: 0258731722


After making payment, send the following to the admin on WhatsApp via 09063113533 or SMS.

  • Depositor’s name
  • Email Address
  • Name of Past Question

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