Jobs In USA For Foreigners With VISA Sponsorship 2022

Jobs In USA : United States of America

To work as a foreigner in the United States, you must first find work before traveling. The employer must be willing to hire someone from another country. If the company is still interested in hiring you, they will sponsor you. You will be on a visa sponsorship because you have been hired by a company in the United States.

In this article, we will highlight job opportunities in the United States for foreigners with visa sponsorship.

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Marketing Specialist

Job Specifications:

  • Full-time position
  • Salary range: $40,000 to $53,000 per year

A Marketing Job is available at InternationalMAEC in San Jose, CA for someone who is well-versed in both online and offline markets. The position is also open to those with a proven track record of developing innovative marketing campaigns.

They’re looking for someone who is passionate about education and can manage marketing campaigns in both China and the United States.

One of your responsibilities is to create and manage a robust content/editorial calendar that attracts a qualified audience to our owned properties.

You must use email, content, and social media to improve the company’s marketing automation.

In addition, the employee will establish closed-loop analytics with sales in order to better understand how our marketing efforts convert to customers and to improve our conversion process.

Job Requirements for marketing specialist Job In USA

  1. BA/BS degree or similar work experience is required.
  2. Excellent communicator and thinker, with the ability to make decisions based on both evidence and intuition.
  3. Proficiency in monitoring social media talks utilizing social media software. You’ll be our ear to the ground, directing social interactions to the right marketer, sales rep, and/or support rep.
  4. Candidates must be able to communicate well in both English and Chinese.
  5. H1B sponsorship is available for exceptional people.
  6. OPT/CPT students are also welcome.


GTS ETF Trader

Specifications of the position:

  • Full-time
  • A year’s salary is estimated to be between $70,000 and $94,000.
  • Benefits

GTS New York is looking for experienced franchise traders to join their team as they expand their trading of global ETFs.

Although all assets, including equities, futures, fixed income, and foreign exchange, are available for trading, ETFs should be the primary focus of trading methods. GTA ETF is a technology-driven trading firm, so the candidate will be expected to collaborate closely with the firm’s and team’s technology experts.


  • In partnership with our existing staff, trade a book of ETFs embedded in our client franchise.
  • Another responsibility is on generating revenue – demonstrated trading abilities in relevant markets
  • Collaborate with the current team while bringing in your own trading revenue.


  1. 3 years of experience in trading or quantitative research
  2. A personality that is self-motivated, hardworking, and creative.
  3. Communication skills that are both clear and confident
  4. For the suitable candidate, visa sponsorship is possible.

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That’s the rundown of jobs in the United States for foreigners with visa sponsorship. These are the latest openings in those positions this year.


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