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JAMB Questions JAMB questions and answers have been compiled from different JAMB candidates for the year 2022. We encourage you to read them and share with your friends for you to be well prepared for your exam.

Please these questions are not EXPO or something related to it. Do not memories it. We gathered all these questions from those who sat for their exams starting from day 1 to day 5

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JAMB Questions and Answers FOR Use of English Day 1,2,3,4,5

1. What caused Salma’s expulsion from the University?

Ans : Examination Malpractice

2. The ethnic group not represented in the text is?


3. In the text Talle is?

Ans ; A driver

4. The common factor that strengthen the roommate friendship is…?

Ans : Food

5. According to Salma the owner of the car is?

Ans : Labaran

6. Tomiwa has read many many thrillers especially Grandfather by?

Ans : Mario

7. Word opposite in meaning

I hardly ever see Ken Sober

Ans: Happy

8. Nearest in meaning

I couldn’t help but listen to the harmonious tunes

Ans : Melodious

9. She stood up to the watch the flow

Ans : rising

10. Here _______ Comes Jane and Ade

Ans: Comes

11. Thirsty

Ans tenth

12. Charm

Ans: Mature

13. The damages are to be showed pre rat among the injured parties.

Ans: proportionally

14. The vice Chancellor take a dem view of the Student’s rag dog activities

Ans: viewed with disapproval

15. The Judge was in prison

Ans : Visited the prison

16. Mark is a _____ above others in athletic

Ans: Strong

17. As long as you work with me. You must

Ans : Go by the book


18. The staff under him complain, especially with regard to his

Ans : Highhandedness

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JAMB 2022 Questions and Answers For Mathematics




JAMB 2022 Questions For Physics day1…. 5

1. The velocity of sound wave in air is affected by?
a. Pitch
b. Loudness
c. Temperature

2. Copper can be given different colour during electrolysis by a method called
a. Anodizing
b. Electroplating
c. Cathodizing
d. Electotyping

3. 2v battery has an internal resultant of 0.55 ohm’s. If a cable of 1.05ohms resistance is connect minals of the battery the current drawn from the battery is
a. 0.8A
b. 0.4A
c. 7.5A
d. 16.0A

3. According to the molecular theory of matter cohesive forces between liquid molecules
a. Osmosis
b. Brownman motion
c. Surface tension
d. Diffusion

4. Hydraulic machine works on
a. Pascal principles of pressure
b. Boyle’s law of gases
c. Charles law of gases
d. Newton law of gravity

5. Hydratic machine works on

a. pascal’s pr

6. Work done by ideal gas is 14820kg. What is the gas pressure of its volume is 2^10

a. 880×10^5 Nm-²

b. 950 × 10^10 Nm-²

c. 741× 10^5 -²

d. 60×10^5 Nm-²

6. Porization of steam in 2.26 10² 3kg

a. 2.26 10³ 3

b. 2.26 10⁴ 3

c. 2.26 10^5 3

d. 2.26 10³ 3

7. When limited amount of oxygen reacted with hydrogen sulphide. Which of these is produced

a. Sulphur and Sulphur (iv) oxide

b. Water and Sulphur (iv) oxide

C. Water and sulphur


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