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Are you among the many Nigerians who will be writing the ICPC screening test pretty soon? Why not get the ICPC past question papers which will help you prepare for the great task ahead?

ICPC Past Questions and Answers

Independent Corrupt Practices Commission has announced that they’ll be conducting a screening test for all applicants who have been pre-selected to help them choose the candidates suitable for the job positions. Do you know that your success in this recruitment depends on how well you pass the screening test? Candidates who pass the screening test well are those that will be finally shortlisted for the job.

To help you make it through the struggle, we have compiled the original and up to date ICPC past questions papers to aid your reading. All you need to pass the screening test is the past question paper because it will reveal what the exam looks like and also signal you on the area of concentration. You can see some sample questions below;

Sample Questions

1. Which of the following was not an effort of nationalistic activities?
(a) Formation of the political parties
(b) Rapid constitutional development
(c) Formation of rapid policy
(d) Spread of education

2. Which of the following is a demerit of the 1999 constitution?
(a) It specifies the exclusive and concurrent legislative lists
(b) The increase in the number of local government areas
(c) Constitution is rigid and not too easy to amend, particularly with regards to the creation of new local government areas
(d) The increase in the number of local government areas to give room for greater political awareness and economic development.

3. The current chairman of ICPC is
(a) Justice Atanda Fatai-Willimas
(b) Justice Karibi White
(c) Justice Emmanuel Ayoola
(d) Justice Muhammed Uwais

4. The local government is regarded as an extension of the central/state government in
(a) French type of local; government
(b) Manager type of local government
(c) English type of local government
(d) Presidential type of local government.

5. In the Yoruba traditional political system, the rulers and
(a) Law making power only
(b) Judicial and legislative powers
(c) Legislative, executive and judicial powers
(d) Executive power

6. Lagos colony and Southern protectorate were joined together in
(a) 1904
(b) 1906
(c) 1905
(d) 1903

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