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How to secure your Admission Into Nigerian Universities

it is actual that the elements that determine who gets admitted through JAMB and who does now not are quite complicated, it does now not suggest that there is nothing a candidate can do to make bigger his or her chances of securing admission. This publish is to spotlight some of the matters a JAMB candidate can do to ensure he or she has a very excessive possibility of securing admission.




If you are preparing for the upcoming JAMB UTME, you are recommended to cautiously examine this publish and observe the hints to expand your chances of gaining admission.




Below are a few elements that will enlarge your chances of gaining admission.


1. Apply to a School That Your State of Origin Is Within Its Catchment Area:





Each Federal University has its very own catchment areas. These catchment areas are states connected to that particular federal university. If your country of starting place is recognized as part of the catchment region of the federal university you utilized to study, you will stand a higher threat of securing admission into that university than any one else whose kingdom of origin is now not recognized as section of the university’s catchment area. 35% of the accessible spaces are reserved for candidates whose state of beginning falls inside the catchment area of the federal university of their choice. So it is really helpful to practice for admission to an institution that has your nation of foundation as section of its catchment area. For a list of federal universities and their catchment areas.


Federal Universities In Nigeria And Their Catchment Areas


2. Have a Correct JAMB UTME-Subject Combination


Just the same way an incomplete/wrong O’level outcomes can disqualify you for admission, the identical way a wrong UTME situation combination can equally disqualify. UTME Subject mixture is the combination of subjects associated to your meant route of learn about that you are predicted to take in the course of the JAMB examination. Candidates are expected to go thru the JAMB Brochure to understand the exact UTME subject aggregate for their chosen course of study or check our list of guides and their UTME challenge mixtures to keep away from making this mistake. Though final year, JAMB allowed candidates with such a mistake to make the correction later we are now not sure if that possibility will be given this year. So take this seriously.

JAMB Subject Combinations Science, Art And Social Science.




3. Upload Complete/Right O’level results





JAMB has made it clear final year that henceforth, no candidates will be admitted with incomplete O’level results. A candidate that does no longer have the whole O’level outcomes for his or her chosen course of study is now not qualified for admission. This does now not imply that candidates that are are nonetheless waiting for the launch of their O’level result can’t practice for JAMB the usage of anticipating results. However, such candidates are to make certain they add their entire O’level effects earlier than admission commences. As a count number of fact, all candidates should verify their O’level consequences are available on JAMB CAPS. Without this, no admission for you.


4. A High JAMB Score


Though a high JAMB rating does now not routinely mean that you will acquire admission, but a high JAMB score will assist boost your chances of securing admission mainly if your supposed path of learn about is a aggressive course like Medicine, Law and so on This is why you learn about nicely for the upcoming examination.

The Life Changer Most Likely Question And Answer JAMB 2021 Novel


5. A Good Post-UTME Score




Similar to the closing point I made, a excessive Post JAMB score equally offers a candidate a excessive chance of gaining admission. So don’t simply aspire for a high rating in the JAMB exam, additionally aspire for a high Post-UTME score as well. That way, you have a better risk of securing admission.

University Of Ibadan Post UTME Past questions And Answers


All these I have mentioned above will in reality provide you a high hazard of gaining admission and with God on your side, your admission is positive

Pray and study and stay strong all the best !!!

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