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FUTA Post UTME Past Questions and Answers | The Federal University of Technology Akure past question papers are now available for purchase on this website. We are the best past question papers purchase platform in Nigeria. Follow the steps below to see how you can place a successful order on this website.

FUTA Post UTME Past Questions

In the years past, candidates who really performed well and had good score were those who purchased past questions from us. In any exams you have not written before, you need to get past questions to serve as a guide for you, reveal the nature and how the set exams to you and also help you understand the areas of concentration. Not only that, 30% of these questions do always reappear either direct or rephrased. The past question is available for all departments, all you have to do is to specify your department and subject combination when placing an order.

Sample Questions

1. In literary criticism the vocabulary or language used by the writer in generally known as
(a) Diction
(b) Figure of speech
(c) Characterization
(d) Rhythms

2. The antagonist in a tragedy is
(a) Any character in the tragedy
(b) Relife
(c) The character that provides comic relief
(d) The character set in opposition to the main characters

3. Identify the odd item in the following list
(a) Prose
(b) Catastrophic
(c) Poetry
(d) Drama

4. An epilogue in a play refers to the
(a) Conflict in the play
(b) Tailpiece
(c) Opening chorus
d) Dramatic action

5. An allegory is a story
(a) in which people or things or events have another meaning
(b) Which aims at teaching a moral lesson
(c) Told in verse
(d) in which allegations are made about the characters

6. Any work of literature which sets out to instruct may be called
(a) Dialectic
(b) Didactic
(c) Definitive
(d) Decadent

How to Purchase FUTA Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

Price: Two Thousand Naira Only 
Make a payment of N2000 to the account below;

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank
Account Name:
 Nsisong Ene
Account Number: 0258731722


After making payment, send the following to the admin on WhatsApp via 09063113533 or SMS.

  • Depositor’s name
  • Email Address
  • Name of Past Question

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