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FETHA School of Nursing past questions and answers are available here. Welcome to Nigeria’s best past question selling website. We have the latest and real Federal Teaching Hospital Abakiliki past question papers.

FETHA School of Nursing Past Questions

The FETHA School of Nursing past questions contains questions from past 5 years till date and also, each questions are answered correctly leaving you with no stress of finding the answers all by yourself.

It will help you a lot in the forthcoming exams because it will give you are foresight of what you will be facing in the exams hall. Note that the past question paper will be sent to you via email or whatsapp after your payment has been confirmed by the admin. See sample questions and how to place an order below;

Sample Questions 

1. The group of insects that undergoes metamorphosis is …………….
A. house flies, beetles and cockroaches
B. cockroaches, grasshopper and bees
C. house flies, beetle and butterflies
D. aphids, grasshoppers and butterflies.

2. The nitrogenous substance that excreted by birds in order to conserve water is …….
A. ammonia urea
C. uric acid
D. nitric acid

3. In mammals, the exchange of nutrients and metabolic products occurs in the …..
A. lymph
B. lungs
C. heart
D. liver

4. The part of the stomach nearer the gullet is called the ….
A. epiglottis
B. cardiac sphincter
C. duodenum
D. pyloric sphincter.

5. Trace elements are required by plants mainly for the……
A. formation of pigments and enzymes
B. product of energy and hormones
C. manufacture of carbohydrates
D. manufacture of proteins

6. A food substance was treated with a few drops of Sudan iii solution and a red coloration was obtained. The food contained is …….
A. protein
B. starch
C. fat
D. mineral salt.

How to Purchase FETHA School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers

Price: Two Thousand Naira Only 
Make a payment of N2000 to the account below;

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank
Account Name:
 Nsisong Ene
Account Number: 0258731722


After making payment, send the following to the admin on WhatsApp via 09063113533 or SMS.

  • Depositor’s name
  • Email Address
  • Name of Past Question

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