FCT School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers – PDF Download

Looking for where to buy the real and up to date FCT School of Nursing past question papers? You are at the right place. We now have the up to date Federal Capital Territory, Gwagwalada School of Nursing past questions and answers which we have compiled in a PDF file for all interested candidates.

FCT School of Nursing Past Questions

The past question paper is available for candidates who knows the importance and wish to purchase it to aid their preparation for the forthcoming exams. I know you might be wondering how the past question will aid your preparation towards the exams. Past question papers are very vital when it comes to school of nursing entrance examination because most questions are always repeated. Aside from that, it will help you to understand the nature of the exams you are going to be writing.

Sample Questions

1. Which of the following is the youngest plant tissue?
A. meristem
B. phloem
C. epidermis
D. xylem

2. Viruses differ from all form of life because they …….
A. have a tick cell wall
B. feed on waste products  of  other organisms
C. cause infectious  diseases
D. require  other living cells to multiply

3. The endoplasm cells found in hydra are used for
A. reproduction
B. offense and defense
C. locomotion and nutrition
D. food collection

4. Annelids differ from nematodes in that they …..
A exhibit bilateral symmetry
B. triploblastic
C. are metamerically segmented
D. possess complete digestive system.

5. Which of the following perform similar functions?
A. ascospores and ascocarp
B. antherziods and rhizoids sorus and induism
D. strobili and inflorenscene

6. In ferns, the sporophyte …….
A. develops from a haploid zygote
B. produce spores
C. is haploid and dependent on the gametophyte
D. is haploid and independent of the gametophyte

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