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Geometrical Optics: Combination of lenses: Equivalent lens and equivalent focal length, Cardinal points of a lens, Power of a lens; Defects of images: Spherical aberration, Astigmatism, coma, Distortion, Curvature, Chromatic aberration; Optical instruments: Compound microscope, Polarizing microscope, Resolving power of a microscope, Camera and photographic techniques.


Physical Optics: Theories of light; Interference of light, Young’s double slit experiment, Displacement of fringes and its uses, Fresnel Bi-prism, Interference at wedge shaped films, Newton’s rings, Interferometer; Diffraction of light; Fresnel and Fraunhoffer diffraction, diffraction by single slit, Diffraction from a circular aperture, Resolving power of optical instruments, Diffraction at double slit and N-slits-diffraction grating; Polarization; Production and analysis of polarized light, Brewster’s Law, Malus Law, Polarization by double refraction, Retardation plates, Nicol prism, Optical activity, Polarimeters, Polartoid.


Waves & Oscillations: Differential equation of a simple Harmonic Oscillator, Total energy and average energy, Combination of simple harmonic oscillations, Lissajous’ figures, Spring- mass system, Calculation of time period of torsional pendulum, Damped oscillation, Determination of damping co-efficient. Forced oscillation, Resonance, Two-body oscillations, Reduced mass, differential equation of a progressive wave, Power and intensity of wave motion, Stationary wave, Group velocity and phase velocity.

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LN_PHY103_Introductory Optics, Waves and Sound

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