JAMB Cut off Mark for 2022/2023 [UPDATED]

What is a JAMB cutoff Mark?

The JAMB Cut-Off Mark (UTME) is the minimum score or mark that an applicant who wants to apply to higher education institutions in Nigeria such as universities, polytechnics, monotechnic and college of education must have in JAMB (UTME) before he or she will qualify to participate in his/her school Post UTME screening exercise.

In addition, it should be noted that there are two types of JAMB cutoff mark, namely; JAMB General cutoff mark and departmental cutoff mark.
Now that we know what a JAMB cutoff mark is, let’s take a look at the REAL JAMB cutoff for 2022/2023.

The management of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has released the cut off mark that will be used for the 2022/2023 academic session admissions exercise. JAMB Cut off Mark for Degree-awarding institutions is 140

jamb cut off mark for 2022

What is the meaning of Cut-Off Mark?

Cut-off Mark is simply the minimum mark you must score before you can be qualified for admission in any institution. Above Cut off Mark means you are qualified for the institution and course of your choice, if you get a score below the Cut Off Mark it means you are not qualify.

Is JAMB Cut-Off Mark 2022/2023 Out?

According to the Registrar of JAMB Prof. Is-haq Oloyede, post-JAMB exercises will start in July and end in December. This means that JAMB Cut-Off Mark has been announced.

What is the cut off mark for engineering courses?

Cut-off mark for Engineering courses are usually in the range of 180, 200, 200, and 250. Applicants should score between the range of these score.

How are results calculated for Post UTME?

a. First, divide the JAMB result by 8;
b. Then divide the post-UTME result by 2;
c Add up the two results

How can I change my course in JAMB 2022?

  • Sign in with your email and password.
  • From the list of services on the left, click Register (2022 Only).
  • Select “Correction of UTME 2022 data” from the drop-down menu.
  • Then proceed with payment.

How can I change my institution in JAMB 2022?

  • Visit the Jamb portal by clicking here.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Log in to your Jamb profile.
  • Once you are logged in, you will see the data correction in the left sidebar. …
  • Click data correction.

JAMB Cut Off Mark For 2022/2023


The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) Cut-off mark is 150-200.
The Management of the Applications are invited from duly qualified candidates for admission into the Pre-Degree Programme of Dennis Osadebay University (JAMB) has announced 150-200 as the latest cut-off mark for all federal, state and private universities, while 130 for colleges and 120 for the Nigerian College of Education for admission in 2022/2023.


Can I purchase the UTME publication form if I haven’t scored up to 150 points?

Sorry, no!
You cannot purchase the University Post UTME form unless your JAMB score is 150 or above 150.

Departmental Cut Off Mark For 2022/2023
Departmental cut-off marks for all courses are cut-off marks released after your school Post UTME Screening Exercise.


How To Check JAMB UTME Examination Results

Several JAMB candidates who recently sat for the 2022 UTME examination have been asking How To Check JAMB UTME Examination Results, How can I view my JAMB result, Is JAMB 2022 result out, When Will JAMB release 2022 exam results. Are you one of them? If yes then continue reading this article right now till the end of it last word because we have answered all your questions here and also we will show you all the steps which will help you one How To Check JAMB UTME Examination Results very easy with your mobile phone or android.

How To Check JAMB UTME Examination Results

Is 2022 JAMB Result Out?

Yes JAMB 2022 Results is now officially out. As for now candidates can only use SMS Method to check their Result

When will JAMB Release our Results

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board release the results for those that sat for 2022 UTME Result on Saturday, 14 May, 2022.

Please SKIP the first method and use the SMS METHOD 

How To Check JAMB 2022 Exam Result

There are two ways to get your JAMB UTME results. You can either check them yourself online or through a phone SMS. Remember, the latter method is more reliable but also more expensive while self-checking online is free of charge.

Method 1 

  • Visit the Exam Results checking portal by clicking on this link
  • Input your registration number in the space provided
  • Finally click on check my result. Your result will display on your phone screen which you can also print it out

Method 2 (SMS) 

Candidates are to Send UTMERESULT to 55019 through the GSM number used by each candidate to obtain profile code and UTME registration.

Note: to used this Method 2 you need to have ₦50 in your SIM before attempting to check your results.

This are the two methods on how to check your JAMB UTME results that are working perfectly without any error. Kindly share this to all your friends it will help them in order for them to also check their results

We wish you All the best in your exams. We pray that Allah will help you to get good score in your exam. Remember Sharing is Caring


2022 JAMB Questions From Candidates (Day1, Day2, Day3 & Day4)

JAMB Questions JAMB questions and answers have been compiled from different JAMB candidates for the year 2022. We encourage you to read them and share with your friends for you to be well prepared for your exam.

Please these questions are not EXPO or something related to it. Do not memories it. We gathered all these questions from those who sat for their exams starting from day 1 to day 5

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JAMB Questions and Answers FOR Use of English Day 1,2,3,4,5

1. What caused Salma’s expulsion from the University?

Ans : Examination Malpractice

2. The ethnic group not represented in the text is?


3. In the text Talle is?

Ans ; A driver

4. The common factor that strengthen the roommate friendship is…?

Ans : Food

5. According to Salma the owner of the car is?

Ans : Labaran

6. Tomiwa has read many many thrillers especially Grandfather by?

Ans : Mario

7. Word opposite in meaning

I hardly ever see Ken Sober

Ans: Happy

8. Nearest in meaning

I couldn’t help but listen to the harmonious tunes

Ans : Melodious

9. She stood up to the watch the flow

Ans : rising

10. Here _______ Comes Jane and Ade

Ans: Comes

11. Thirsty

Ans tenth

12. Charm

Ans: Mature

13. The damages are to be showed pre rat among the injured parties.

Ans: proportionally

14. The vice Chancellor take a dem view of the Student’s rag dog activities

Ans: viewed with disapproval

15. The Judge was in prison

Ans : Visited the prison

16. Mark is a _____ above others in athletic

Ans: Strong

17. As long as you work with me. You must

Ans : Go by the book


18. The staff under him complain, especially with regard to his

Ans : Highhandedness

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JAMB 2022 Questions and Answers For Mathematics




JAMB 2022 Questions For Physics day1…. 5

1. The velocity of sound wave in air is affected by?
a. Pitch
b. Loudness
c. Temperature

2. Copper can be given different colour during electrolysis by a method called
a. Anodizing
b. Electroplating
c. Cathodizing
d. Electotyping

3. 2v battery has an internal resultant of 0.55 ohm’s. If a cable of 1.05ohms resistance is connect minals of the battery the current drawn from the battery is
a. 0.8A
b. 0.4A
c. 7.5A
d. 16.0A

3. According to the molecular theory of matter cohesive forces between liquid molecules
a. Osmosis
b. Brownman motion
c. Surface tension
d. Diffusion

4. Hydraulic machine works on
a. Pascal principles of pressure
b. Boyle’s law of gases
c. Charles law of gases
d. Newton law of gravity

5. Hydratic machine works on

a. pascal’s pr

6. Work done by ideal gas is 14820kg. What is the gas pressure of its volume is 2^10

a. 880×10^5 Nm-²

b. 950 × 10^10 Nm-²

c. 741× 10^5 -²

d. 60×10^5 Nm-²

6. Porization of steam in 2.26 10² 3kg

a. 2.26 10³ 3

b. 2.26 10⁴ 3

c. 2.26 10^5 3

d. 2.26 10³ 3

7. When limited amount of oxygen reacted with hydrogen sulphide. Which of these is produced

a. Sulphur and Sulphur (iv) oxide

b. Water and Sulphur (iv) oxide

C. Water and sulphur


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The joint admission and matriculation board (JAMB) developed a web application that coordinate the general process of gaining admission into tertiary level education in Nigeria. Jamb caps  portal initial release was brought in to place for the 2017/2018 admission program in to universities, polytechnics and college of education in Nigeria. Jamb caps portal gives you the feasibility as a student to perform academic related task without having to go to your desired school campus. These tasks includes uploading of WAEC result on the jamb caps login portal, Jamb slip reprinting on the Jamb Caps  portal and also checking of admission status on the jamb caps login portal

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  1. Open your web browser (Google Chrome preferably)
  2. Head over to the Jamb caps portal ( click on the link or copy and paste it on your web browser
  3. input the same email address ( used during jamb registration) and password to login



  1. Visit
  2. Navigate to the jamb caps  portal Home menu
  3. Login with your registered email address with jamb for 2022/2023 session
  4. Click on access jamb caps
  5. Navigate to my admission profile
  6. View your admission
  7. Accept or reject admission on the portal

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  1. Visit google playstore for android users and appstore for IOS users respectively
  2. Search and download the Jamb mobile application
  3. Logon to your profile with your Jamb Registration number
  4. Scroll down and click on “Check Admission Status”
  5. Enter your JAMB registration number in the provided box
  6. Pick the year you sat for JAMB
  7. Tap on the next button to view your admission state


This is very common to most Nigerian tertiary websites, when thousands of students are trying to access the jamb caps login portal in most cases due to high amount of request hitting the website endpoint at a time. This slows down the load speed and performance entirely. But worry no more, follow these below step

  1. download puffin browser from playstore or appstore
  2. Get a working MTN sim-card and try connecting to the jamb caps  portal
  3. and its done

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JAMB 2022 Mock Exam Result, Check UTME Result Now

JAMB 2022 Mock Exam Result is Out. JAMB 2022 Mock Exam Result has been released. Candidates who participated in the JAMB 2022 mock examination can now check their results.

How To Check JAMB 2022 Mock Result

JAMB conducted mock examination on on Saturday, April 9 2022. The mock exams are used by candidates to get used to CBT test exam and also as a form of practice before the actual UTME.

If you are among the 2022/2023 UTME Candidates hoping to check their JAMB 2022 Mock Result? Here’s a full guide on how to check it.

RecommendedWhat You Need To Know About JAMB Mock Exam

How To Check JAMB 2022 Mock Result

Method 1

How To Check JAMB 2022 Mock Result method 1

Recommended2022 JAMB: How To Print Mock Examination Slip

How to Check JAMB Mock Examination Results

Method 2.

1. Visit online JAMB portal via this link

2. at the top right hand side Click on Sign up for UTME/DE

How To Check JAMB 2022 Mock Result

3. Enter your email address and password used for your – UTME 2022 Registration.

How To Check JAMB 2022 Mock Result Method 2

4. After successfully login. Find and click on Check UTME Mock Examination Results.

How To Check JAMB 2022 Mock Result 3

5. Finally, Find the attached PDF file download and print it out.

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Students are to note that this is just a mock result and not the real UTME result. Please don’t forget that the UTME mock result should help you prepare harder for the main UTME exam, which is scheduled to commence on 5th June 2021.

Congratulations to all candidates that participated in the 2022/2023 JAMB Mock Examination. We  wish you all to have a good result in order to secure admission in to your desired University. Good luck.


What You Need To Know About JAMB Mock Exam

Jamb mock exam

Towards the preparation for the JAMB Mock Exam candidates have been asking a lot of questions about it such as ; What is JAMB Mock, Is JAMB Mock Compulsory, Is JAMB Mock Free, When is JAMB Mock 2022 starting, How to Print JAMB Mock slip, How do I know if am writing JAMB Mock etc.

if you are one among those searching for the answers to the above questions then your search ends here because in this article I am going to answer all this questions. You just have to read this article to it end.

With out wasting much of your time let dip in to the main thing that brought you here by answering all this questions one after the other.

What is JAMB Mock Exam?

JAMB Mock Exam is an exam organised by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board which is designed for the purpose of giving candidates a clear insight about how the Main exam is going to be. This exam is being done yearly at most 2-3 weeks before the main UTME Exams commence. it also help JAMB center owners to test their facilities in preparation for the main Exam across nationwide.

Is JAMB Mock Compulsory?

JAMB mock exams is not compulsory. candidates are allowed either to chose to sit for the exam or not.

When Is 2022 JAMB Mock Exam Starting?

2022 Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Mock exam start on the 9th, of April 2022. it was first stated by JAMB that the annual exam will hold on April 16 and later re-shedule due to some certain factors.

How Do I Know If I Am Writing JAMB mock?

for your to know that you have to reprint your Mock Examination Slip at JAMB website.

How To Print Mock Examination Slip

you can print your mock slip by simply following the below steps ;

  1. Visit the JAMB website here:
  2. Enter your e-mail address, registration number, or mobile phone number in the space provided.
  3. Finally, click the “Print Examination Slip” button. That will enable you to view and print your slip.

Is JAMB Mock Free?

Well the Mock Exam is not free. candidates who indicates that they will sit for the 2022 UTME mock exam will have to pay a sum of 1,000 as a service fee at the CBT centre which you are assigned to sit for the exam.

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What Will Happen If I Skip JAMB Mock Exam

If you chose to sit for the mock exam during your registration but later decide not to, JAMB will not penalize you for that, as you will still be allowed to write the main UTME exam. The mock exam is intended to help students prepare for the main exam, and It is not requirement. Therefore, having not participated in the mock examination does not mean you are unqualified to write the main examination.

Other Things You Need To Know About the JAMB Mock Exam

What you score during the exam will NOT be added to your main UTME exam result.

Questions which appear during your Mock exam will not be repeated during the main exam.

The exam is expected to start by 7:00am at various centres and there will be different sessions for candidates.

You are expected to come to the mock exam centre with a copy of your JAMB mock examination slip

mobile phones, calculators, bags and other electronic devices are not allowed in the examination centre.

and Lastly make sure you take breakfast, and arrive your centre very early. Also hold some extra cash in case of the unexpected.


JAMB Approve Increase In CBT Service Charge Paid by Candidates


The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has approved an increase in the Computer Based Test service charge paid by candidates

Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, Registrar of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), said the board allowed Computer Based Test Centres (CBTs) to charge a service fee of N1,000 for their 9th, April 2022 mock examination.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) organises a mock Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), which is optional for centres to test their facilities for the national exam.

The board has scheduled the main UTME from 6th May to 16th, May 2022

On Tuesday, The Registrar, in Abuja, hinted that all arrangements for the successful conduct of the examination had been put in place by JAMB.

However, the slight increase in the service charge for the examination was due to a rise in the cost of diesel to power their generating sets. the fuel used to power their generator has recently risen.

“We are saying that we have allowed the CBT centres to increase the amount. We have not increased the fees; we have even said anybody can decrease the fees.

“But we have hitherto asked the centres not to increase more than N700, but now we have seen the reality and we have said they could charge up to N1,000.

“So the reality is the truth, unless we do not want them to conduct the examination. We have done the analysis of their expenses and if we insist that they must put on their air conditioners, the cost of diesel for their generators has to be taken into consideration,” he said.

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According to the registrar, the board is not increasing its charges, adding that before now, the registration documents used to be N5,000.

“Even the N5,000 was just theoretically.

“We were buying the form in 2020 for N5,000, we insist on N5,000 and we further reduce it from N5,000 to N3,500 and we are not increasing, despite the fact that the cost is going up.

“So, we felt that our partners are the ones to add, while we do the sacrifice, we cannot impose unrealistic sacrifice on our partners and that is why we have allowed our partners to charge,” he said.


2022 JAMB: How To Print Mock Examination Slip

The Reprinting of Mock Examination Slip is now active on JAMB’s website candidates can now reprint their slip and know their exams date, venue and time.

If you are a candidate preparing for the JAMB examination and want your Mock Examination Slip, you can easily access it here, please keep reading to the end

The mock examination was introduced in 2017 as a chance for candidates to test their level of preparation for the actual test. The mock examination will also provide an opportunity for candidates who are not familiar with computer-based testing to learn how the system works.

The JAMB mock test was initially scheduled for 16th April, 2022. The examination body rescheduled the test to 9th April, 2022.

To print your JAMB mock examination slip kindly follow the step below;

How To Print JAMB Mock Examination Slip

  1. Visit the JAMB website here:
  2. Enter your e-mail address, registration number, or mobile phone number in the space provided.
  3. Finally, click the “Print Examination Slip” button. That will enable you to view and print your slip.



candidates must follow the steps listed Above to be able to Print their JAMB Mock Examination Slip, and they are very easy to carry out. Applicants are to visit their examination centre early, as the examination is expected to begin by 7:00 am.  Candidates should also Note That If  you misses this exam, there will be no more makeup exam offered to he/she.

Candidates are to visit each of their CBT centres with a copy of the Examination Slip as it is among the requirements. Electronic devices like mobile phones, Calculator, Mobile Phones and other accessories are not allowed in the examination centre.

They should also not forget that the reason for this examination is to enable them to know how the JAMB CBT would look like. With this, they should not expect the same question and their score would not affect their JAMB CBT credits.


After JAMB Registration Ends, What Next


The answer to this is very simple. for you to pass JAMB you should  study like never before.

The best way to prepare for the exam is to study thoroughly. The entire JAMB Syllabus of your selected subjects should be reviewed before the big day.

Exammaterials  has shared previous JAMB questions with answers as well as possible questions and answers from the novel for 2022 UTME/DE candidates “.”“Life Changer.”

If you do not have access to a computer system or Android phone, please visit any of the JAMB CBT Training Centres we have provided. They will help you with the latest JAMB CBT Software and by teaching you how to use the keyboard or Mouse to answer JAMB questions.

You have sufficient time before the exam to prepare for it. The responsibility for seeing that you are properly equipped and ready for the exam rests solely with you. the ball is now in your court

Besides studying for the exam, candidates should also try to stay updated on important information pertaining to any of the following:

Exam date and any possible changes: JAMB can change the dates of the exam or other aspects of the exam at any time. That has been the case in previous years. So it is advisable for candidates to stay updated as to know when any change like that has been made and adjust accordingly

Printing of the JAMB exam slip : The JAMB exam slip shows candidates the date of their exam, the centre, and the time of the exam. JAMB will announce an official date for candidates to print their exam slips.

Link your email address to your JAMB profile: Candidates will be required to link their email addresses after the closure of JAMB registration. This is to enable them to login to the JAMB portal and the JAMB CAPS and be able to use services like change of course and institution, checking of admission status, etc.

Just like in previous years, Exammaterials will rig you all necessary information and updates concerning anything you need to know about the JAMB, WAEC, NECO, NABTEB exam, Post-UTME, and admission Etc.. Ensure you visit this Website regularly for such updates



JAMB registers 1,837,011 candidates for 2022 UTME/DE, as registration ends

Jamb has unveiled that around 1,837,011 up-and-comers have been enlisted in the continuous UTME/DE enrollment as of March 26th, 2022. This was contained in the week after week announcement of the board. Imminent up-and-comers are to take note of that the enrollment for 2022 UTME has finished on March 26th, 2022.


In any case, the opposition is still high this year, so you similarly need a great score to have a possibility of being considered for affirmation. Have you downloaded the JAMB CBT Mobile App for android telephones or the JAMB CBT Software for Computer frameworks? If not, you are bamboozling yourself. Both contain more than 60,000 JAMB past inquiries, replies, clarifications, and recordings to assist you with preparing enough for the test. So help yourself by downloading any of them now!


jamb registers 1,837,011 possibility for 2022 UTME/DE, as enrollment closes

The quantity of enlisted competitors this year shows an increment when contrasted with the absolute of 1,338,687 applicants enrolled for the last year. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that the board enrolled around 2.1 million up-and-comers in 2020 (pre NIN and Covid time).


It was accumulated that a lot of competitors who were ready to enlist for the test couldn’t do as such on time because of different issues. The load up had before reported that there won’t be any expansion because of the way that the load up is working inside the severe course of events apportioned for the test.

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