CAC Recruitment Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

CAC Recruitment Exams Past Questions and Answers – PDF Download. Corporate Affairs Commission Recruitment screening test past question papers are now available on our store.

CAC Recruitment Exams Past Questions

Believe me, this is the best step you have taken in passing the Corporate Affairs Commission forthcoming screening test and you won’t regret it. The past question paper will go a long way to prepare you for the great task ahead.

Most of the questions contained in this past question paper have been repeated over and over again and this year won’t be an exception at all. On the other hand, we would love you to understand that this exam will determine if you will be shortlisted for the recruitment exercise or not.

We have compiled the past question papers in a pdf file which you can easily access on your phone or computer. All questions has been solved. See sample questions below;

Sample Questions 

1. In the Igbo political system, the most senior member of the council of elders is the
A) Okpara
B) Eze
C) Obi
D) Ofo

2. The amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorate and the colony of Lagos was in
A) 1960
B) 1957
C) 1966
D) 1914

3. The branch of government responsible for implementing laws is the
A) judiciary
B) legislature
C) executive
D) police

4. The legislature performs the following functions except
A) determines the general direction of public policy
B) enforcing the law
C) exercises power of appointment of government officials
D) investigating and monitoring the activities of the officials of government

5. The EFCC was established to
A) arrest, detain and prosecute corrupt state governors and legislators
B) arrest and trial corrupt politicians
C) assist the world bank in monitoring economic projects in Nigeria
D) combat economic and financial crimes in Nigeria

6. Free education was introduced in west region by which of these premiers?
A) Chief Bola Ige
B) Chief Obafemi Awolowo
C) Chief S.L. Akintola
D) Chief Michael Adekunle Ajasin

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