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Taking to her Facebook page, Justina professed to be the most youthful corper from Taraba state at age 19 and could be known as a ‘virgin’ copper.

Her post true to form created a great deal of remarks. Some of which are:

Ken Luntsi: “Congrats Virgin Corper. Proceed to Come Back Intact koh”

Rifleman composed: Not something protected to promote virginity.All the equivalent , congrats assuming on the off chance that it’s true.That will be noteworthy in a nation where 99.99% of female understudy whore their direction through school.Far back when I was in unilag ,Moremi Hall was nicknamed Hotel de Morems

Unknown composed: Lol… I don’t have the foggiest idea why this made me giggle.. I’m a virgin in my 30s and truly on the off chance that you see me you won’t know… ..I resemble the cliché kill sovereign and I have a decent steady employment acquiring right around 2 million month to month! I haven’t been seeing someone very nearly 10 years, that implies I haven’t kissed for just about 10 years, SIGHS… . I appeal to God for conjugal settlement this year, so that I’d at last have intercourse without obstacle to the magnificence of God.. So be it

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By Al-Hassan

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